Basic analytic in Python using signals and Redis

A slightly underused(or less needed for most projects) feature of frameworks are the signals they provide.

Signals allows you to hook a certain action initiated to some code that you provide.

For example, whenever there is a request comming to your web application, then your framework initiate a signal …

Finding duplicated files

os.walk makes it relativly easy to go through all of the files in a directory, so there is some neat code we can write using defaultdict to parse all files in any dir and find all the files that are duplicates.

Here is one possible way to do it …

WSGI application with route decorator and no external dependencies

WSGI application in principle is simple enough, it could be any callable that accepts two arguments environ and start_response.

The environ contains the request data, client info and some server information, it is the responsablity of the server to accumulate the environ info correctly.

The start_response is a function that …

Simple CRUD-like admin interface with Flask and WTForm

Without a doubt, many times over the course as a web developer, you will sooner or later need to create admin interface for a specific project that you have been working on.

One of the most common use case for an admin interface is to edit data for your models …